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Bridgetown Comedy Fest 2012


The shy chuckle, a deep belly laugh, laughing to the point of tears or even better – the laugh that is so powerful it renders your laugh silent. Laughing feels amazing and as we have all experienced it is one of the healthiest, organic, sustainable, feel-good-drugs out there today!

The Bridgetown Comedy Fest is gearing up for it’s 5th year this April in Southeast Portland’s Hawthorne District. Todd Glass, Kevin Allison, Doug Benson, Horatio Sanz, Ron Funches and Jimmy Dore are just a fraction of the talent scheduled.

For four days, April 12-15th, 200+ comedians are scheduled to tickle your funny bone, inject you with a ramped up dose of feel good endorphins and undoubtedly, at some point, make liquid shoot out of your nose!

The festival takes place throughout a handful of theaters, music venues and bars within the Hawthorne District. Tickets allow you to come and go to all the shows and are being sold at a discounted rate through March 19th.

For tickets, history on this event, hilarious videos of past performances, the list of 200+ comedians check out the main webpage for Bridgetown Comedy http://bridgetowncomedy.com/history/