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A NobaL Home in the The Pearl


Nobal Home is home to a treasure trove of housewares, gifts, cards, art and the likes, for everyone and every budget. Nobal home was orginally an acronym of the owners names; Neil, Orlando, Barbara and Larry. Since its opening on June 1st of last year, Nobal has taken on another meaning North Of Burnside… A Little. You can find Nobal Home on NW 9th between Couch and Davis. Just a few doors over from Pearl Bakery and just a little ways off of Burnside.

Walking into Nobal Home instantly brings a smile to your face. Wether your eyes are drawn up to the blue bicycle suspended from the ceiling; or the wall dressed with reclaimed shakes and topped with inspirational and humorous catch phrases such as: Your Spark Can Become A Flame And Change Everything; Every Exit Is An Entrance To Somewhere New. The boutique is overflowing with beautiful recycled glass vases, table top decorations, local art, jewlery, picture frames, lamps, clocks and one of the funniest selections of cards I have ever come across. Neil caught me laughing out loud nonstop, as my eyes devoured the blunt but oh so accurate sentiments each card proclaimed. He reassured me I was not the only one who has had a laugh attack in the back corner of the store.  Continue reading


Who Wants To Be A Rebel?


Come on, we all do at some time! In fact Rebel Jeweler has created their store on this exact concept. Rebel Jeweler believes ” We don’t go with the flow. We chart our own path. We believe in what is right. And we know how to have fun doing it.”

Rebel Jeweler is located at 1033 NW Couch and focuses on Silver Jewlery with a Rock-n-Roll attitude. The store has a very distinct look, with their name tattooed in a vibrant mural on the focal wall, a red Ducati parked next to glass cases displaying bling to dress your fingers, wrists, ears and neck and sometimes even a band rock’in out as you browse. For some it may seem intimidating but let me assure you, once you walk in, the sales staff make you feel like that is exactly where you were meant to be. The jewlery is high quality and many of the designs and products can’t be found elsewhere. Continue reading

The Pearl’s Oldest Print Shop


The Pearl’s Oldest Print Shop is exactly what I saw printed on the window when I happened to look up. I was walking down 14th Ave, just past Johnson, and I looked up. I read the sign, I walked 5 more steps and I stopped. I was looking for a printer. Could I just walk in off the street into this extremely old building and apparently extremely old print shop and say “Hi, I need some letterhead printed. Can you help make it happen? Oh and can you make it look like this business card I already have, but have no computer file for it’s likeness?” The notion seemed unlikely but I was in a rather optimistic mood that day and so I went in. Continue reading

Hello, Mellow!


Mellow Mushroom, primarily an east coast franchise, has recently planted roots on the west coast in The Pearl – 1411 NW Flanders St.  

Mellow Mushroom proclaims they are more than a pizza place. Their goal is “to provide an experience that is filled with colorful art, eclectic music and food that comforts your soul.” Continue reading

Inspirational, Colorful, Reclaimed and Never Regifted – Vanillawood


This is one of my new very favorite retail spaces to share with friends (you all), to browse for myself and to buy those “wow” gifts that your friends will always remember and never regift!

Vanillawood is a full service Design/Build and Interiors Business. The husband and wife team of James and Kricken Yaker’s have been designing and remodeling in Portland since 2006. Their design style emphasizes blending an open plan urban living space with functionality, comfort and luxury. Organic and green materials are fused together and finished off with a touch of contemporary flare to create spaces that are warm, relaxing and perfect for lounging or entertaining. Continue reading

A Selfless Offering and a Divine Meal – Prasad




A simple definition of Prasad would be “an offering from the individual self to God” 


It is said that by offering Prasad selflessly to God (or a saint or teacher who has brought you closer to God) our individual self expands and grows when the blessing is returned.  


For those of you who find yourself hungry, while in close proximity of The Pearl, can enjoy a peaceful and gratifying breakfast, lunch or dinner at Prasad.    Continue reading