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Tweed, Yes Indeed.


The Tweed Ride seems so appealing to me. So civil and proper and whimsical.

We shall fashionable spin at leisure through our Rose City, noting the several sides of culture. Therefore, bring out your coats and caps, your leather gloves and monocles, and bring your baskets full of food as we pedal together without labor, strain or hurry in what is sure to be one-another’s beautiful company.”

Oh dear, I can hear my British accent begging to come out even as I am typing.

April 1st will commence the 3rd annual Portland Tweed Ride. The Tweed Ride is a group bicycle ride in which the cyclist are encouraged to wear traditional British cycling attire. Think knickers, caps, hats, vests, handlebar mustaches and pipes, with tweed being the common thread. The purpose – Pure fun! An opportunity to recreate the spirit of a bygone era. The first ever Tweed Ride took place January 24, 2009 in London and since then Tweed Rides have sprung up all over the world! Most rides are sponsored by local bike shops with an after party flowing with tea and crumpets. A proper Englishman would not go out without a flask for emergency purposes, so yes a flask or two can be seen usually storing a much stronger libation to say “cheers to a jolly-good-ride.” There is no entrance fee, it is a much to civilized event to attach such crass demands on it’s participants.

Take a look at some of the past posters, each unique to the host city. Riding Pretty is a blog devoted to this event, past and present. The blog has quite an accumulated collection of Tweed Ride posters from all over the world. The vintage and retro art lover will be delighted to scroll through this collection. www.ridingpretty.blogspot.com

Here’s a look at Portland’s 2012 poster as well as favorite of mine -Cleveland’s poster for Tweed Ride 2012.


Ralph Lauren also jumped on the Tweed Bicycle seat last year and sponsored the Tweed Run in New York City. Take at look at “The Modern Ladies’ Guide To Cycle” as well as “The Modern Man’s Moustache Essentials” as promoted by Ralph Lauren’s style guide for the ride last year. Continue reading

Bridgetown Comedy Fest 2012


The shy chuckle, a deep belly laugh, laughing to the point of tears or even better – the laugh that is so powerful it renders your laugh silent. Laughing feels amazing and as we have all experienced it is one of the healthiest, organic, sustainable, feel-good-drugs out there today!

The Bridgetown Comedy Fest is gearing up for it’s 5th year this April in Southeast Portland’s Hawthorne District. Todd Glass, Kevin Allison, Doug Benson, Horatio Sanz, Ron Funches and Jimmy Dore are just a fraction of the talent scheduled.

For four days, April 12-15th, 200+ comedians are scheduled to tickle your funny bone, inject you with a ramped up dose of feel good endorphins and undoubtedly, at some point, make liquid shoot out of your nose!

The festival takes place throughout a handful of theaters, music venues and bars within the Hawthorne District. Tickets allow you to come and go to all the shows and are being sold at a discounted rate through March 19th.

For tickets, history on this event, hilarious videos of past performances, the list of 200+ comedians check out the main webpage for Bridgetown Comedy http://bridgetowncomedy.com/history/

Do You Have Your Red Dress Yet?

Another first for me, this year I will be attending the Red Dress Party with this years theme being: REDemption….End Of Days

The illustrious Red Dress fundraising event will take place April 14th at a NW Warehouse that will be transformed, undoubtedly, into a space that will mezmerize and beguile that it was merely a vacant warehouse days ago.

The Red Dress Party is put on by Red Dress PDX, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports gay youth, and helps friends, neighbors and family members living with HIV/AIDS and other serious diseases.

The beneficiaries of this year’s fundraising efforts are:

Our House -provides healthcare,housing and other vital services to low-income people living with HIV/AIDS

Quest Center for Integrative Health – Their philosophy is people thrive when their physical, social,spiritual,and emotional needs are met. They provide primary medical,wellness and mental health care services to people and families living with HIV/AIDS.

CAP’s Kid Connection -provide HIV support to children, youth & families who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. As well as providing training to other local family serving agencies to improve their capacity to serve HIV impacted families.

Read on to learn the history of the Red Dress Party provided by the offical website and for ticket link http://reddresspdx.com/

What is the Red Dress Party?

It started as a party in the basement of a North Portland home and has become one of the most celebrated fundraising events in town.

75 friends attended our first Red Dress Party in 2001 — although we fully admit that the idea of the Red Dress Party isn’t new and was not ours. Red Dress Runs and Red Dress House parties happen in communities across the country. But something about the party was special, and it left us all wanting more. So we did it again on Super Bowl Eve 2002, and 150 guests join us for more fun and revelry despite the Winter Blast {minor snowstorm} that year. Continue reading