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Who Wants To Be A Rebel?


Come on, we all do at some time! In fact Rebel Jeweler has created their store on this exact concept. Rebel Jeweler believes ” We don’t go with the flow. We chart our own path. We believe in what is right. And we know how to have fun doing it.”

Rebel Jeweler is located at 1033 NW Couch and focuses on Silver Jewlery with a Rock-n-Roll attitude. The store has a very distinct look, with their name tattooed in a vibrant mural on the focal wall, a red Ducati parked next to glass cases displaying bling to dress your fingers, wrists, ears and neck and sometimes even a band rock’in out as you browse. For some it may seem intimidating but let me assure you, once you walk in, the sales staff make you feel like that is exactly where you were meant to be. The jewlery is high quality and many of the designs and products can’t be found elsewhere. Continue reading


The Pearl’s Oldest Print Shop


The Pearl’s Oldest Print Shop is exactly what I saw printed on the window when I happened to look up. I was walking down 14th Ave, just past Johnson, and I looked up. I read the sign, I walked 5 more steps and I stopped. I was looking for a printer. Could I just walk in off the street into this extremely old building and apparently extremely old print shop and say “Hi, I need some letterhead printed. Can you help make it happen? Oh and can you make it look like this business card I already have, but have no computer file for it’s likeness?” The notion seemed unlikely but I was in a rather optimistic mood that day and so I went in. Continue reading

It’s The Little Things


It’s the little things that mean the most-

Laughing with friends,

A compliment from a complete stranger,

The excited faces of kids mixing cookie dough,

A movie quote that warms the heart.

It’s the little things that turn out to be some of the biggest motivating factors in our lives and can also be our most memorable accessories! What? Yes, I did just take a very profound sentiment and give it a fashion spin! This is a blog about the The New Spaces, Places and Faces of Portland ,after all, and not words of wisdom from The Happy Buddah. Continue reading