Dancing with N.E.D.


N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease)

The term N.E.D., to a cancer patient, is in essence, the gift of life.

GYN cancers are one of the largest devastating cancers to women.

Dancing with N.E.D is a truly unique band, consisting of 6 GYN oncologists, from across the country, who have come together to play a mix of original alternative rock and folk-rock songs. They have produced 2 CD’s and have toured across the country. On March 11, 2012 they played at The Tiffany Center. Their intention, their passion, is to use music and medicine to fight for the lives of their patients and bring awareness to cancers that fall below the belt. 

According to the data collected by Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the mortality rates for ovarian cancer have not improved in 40 years since the ” War on Cancer” was declared. Other cancers have had a significant reduction in mortality rates due to heightened awareness which leads to early detection, funding for research, thus in turn- better treatment options.

Spark-Media is an award winning documentary production company that has followed these doctors/musicians and some of their patients, across the country, collecting footage, dialogue and personal insights into this doc-rocker band. The documentary will serve to capture, promote and educate our nation’s awareness on GYN cancers. The goal being to raise awareness, that would drive an increase in funding for research and ultimately the discovery of better treatment.

Dancing with N.E.D.’s music and message is fueled by John Boggess, M.D. from NC; Joanie Hope, M.D. from Alaska; Nimesh Nagarsheth, M.D. from New York; William, “Rusty” Robinson, M.D. from Louisiana, John Soper, M.D. from North Carolina; and William Winter, M.D. from Portland, Oregon.

Check out their website and help create awareness http://dancingwithned.com/




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