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Dancing with N.E.D.


N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease)

The term N.E.D., to a cancer patient, is in essence, the gift of life.

GYN cancers are one of the largest devastating cancers to women.

Dancing with N.E.D is a truly unique band, consisting of 6 GYN oncologists, from across the country, who have come together to play a mix of original alternative rock and folk-rock songs. They have produced 2 CD’s and have toured across the country. On March 11, 2012 they played at The Tiffany Center. Their intention, their passion, is to use music and medicine to fight for the lives of their patients and bring awareness to cancers that fall below the belt. 

According to the data collected by Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the mortality rates for ovarian cancer have not improved in 40 years since the ” War on Cancer” was declared. Other cancers have had a significant reduction in mortality rates due to heightened awareness which leads to early detection, funding for research, thus in turn- better treatment options.

Spark-Media is an award winning documentary production company that has followed these doctors/musicians and some of their patients, across the country, collecting footage, dialogue and personal insights into this doc-rocker band. The documentary will serve to capture, promote and educate our nation’s awareness on GYN cancers. The goal being to raise awareness, that would drive an increase in funding for research and ultimately the discovery of better treatment.

Dancing with N.E.D.’s music and message is fueled by John Boggess, M.D. from NC; Joanie Hope, M.D. from Alaska; Nimesh Nagarsheth, M.D. from New York; William, “Rusty” Robinson, M.D. from Louisiana, John Soper, M.D. from North Carolina; and William Winter, M.D. from Portland, Oregon.

Check out their website and help create awareness



A Sweet Little Love Story – Told By Well Loved Boots



Yes, I’d love to take a walk..

Smells like Spring…
What a magnificent sunset.

Tweed, Yes Indeed.


The Tweed Ride seems so appealing to me. So civil and proper and whimsical.

We shall fashionable spin at leisure through our Rose City, noting the several sides of culture. Therefore, bring out your coats and caps, your leather gloves and monocles, and bring your baskets full of food as we pedal together without labor, strain or hurry in what is sure to be one-another’s beautiful company.”

Oh dear, I can hear my British accent begging to come out even as I am typing.

April 1st will commence the 3rd annual Portland Tweed Ride. The Tweed Ride is a group bicycle ride in which the cyclist are encouraged to wear traditional British cycling attire. Think knickers, caps, hats, vests, handlebar mustaches and pipes, with tweed being the common thread. The purpose – Pure fun! An opportunity to recreate the spirit of a bygone era. The first ever Tweed Ride took place January 24, 2009 in London and since then Tweed Rides have sprung up all over the world! Most rides are sponsored by local bike shops with an after party flowing with tea and crumpets. A proper Englishman would not go out without a flask for emergency purposes, so yes a flask or two can be seen usually storing a much stronger libation to say “cheers to a jolly-good-ride.” There is no entrance fee, it is a much to civilized event to attach such crass demands on it’s participants.

Take a look at some of the past posters, each unique to the host city. Riding Pretty is a blog devoted to this event, past and present. The blog has quite an accumulated collection of Tweed Ride posters from all over the world. The vintage and retro art lover will be delighted to scroll through this collection.

Here’s a look at Portland’s 2012 poster as well as favorite of mine -Cleveland’s poster for Tweed Ride 2012.


Ralph Lauren also jumped on the Tweed Bicycle seat last year and sponsored the Tweed Run in New York City. Take at look at “The Modern Ladies’ Guide To Cycle” as well as “The Modern Man’s Moustache Essentials” as promoted by Ralph Lauren’s style guide for the ride last year. Continue reading

March 12, 2012


The blog is back up with all it’s pieces parts in the right order- phew!

Today has proven for once and all,I WILL NEVER attempt any big or minor – No matter how I often I hear from colleagues, ‘Its pretty basic and straight forward’-technical “thingies!”

Ironically this is what greeted me as I walked out of the building tonight!!!!!

I love when the universe laughs out loud at you!

Musical Notes: Matthew Heller


“Hey boys with your plastic love and your rubber bullets from your paper guns, aint nobody gonna make you feel famous tonight…”

Folksinger/songwriter Matthew Heller’s self-titled breakthrough album brings together a wide variety of sounds and genres including folk, indie, and grunge. If you’re listening to this album for the first time, be sure to check out my favorite tracks, “Moon Below,” “Girl Into A Rose,” and “Every Note.”

This album is particularly distinct in that Heller’s vocals take on an almost chameleon-like quality, altering to fit the particular needs of each individual track. Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean. Vocals and overall sound range in style from artists like Billy Corgan, Ani DiFranco, Billy Joel, and even a hint of Red Hot Chili Peppers (“If I Could”). The album also features a mix of guitar-centered and piano-centered tracks, making this a gripping album to listen to.

The album opens with “Moon Below,” one of my favorite tracks. Heller’s vocals on this track remind me of Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins. The next track, “Snake Bite,” takes on a very different style, adopting a sound reminiscent of singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco, exemplifying Heller’s vocal prowess and adaptability. Be sure to pay attention to the lyrics on this album. “Another Nightmare” is a Billy Joel- like song that lends itself to demonstrating Heller’s skill as a storyteller, sung over a beautiful piano ballad. “Girl Into a Rose,” is another track with memorable lyrics, “I’ve been on this road for so long I can’t remember my name… and I’ve been playing you for so long I can’t remember the game…”

Overall this is a very solid first album, impressive in composition and performance. I’m excited to see what else Matthew Heller comes up with. Check out Matthew Heller’s bandcamp page for a FREE DOWNLOAD of this album!

Music reviews courtesy of Celia Hassan and That Groove Machine.

Bridgetown Comedy Fest 2012


The shy chuckle, a deep belly laugh, laughing to the point of tears or even better – the laugh that is so powerful it renders your laugh silent. Laughing feels amazing and as we have all experienced it is one of the healthiest, organic, sustainable, feel-good-drugs out there today!

The Bridgetown Comedy Fest is gearing up for it’s 5th year this April in Southeast Portland’s Hawthorne District. Todd Glass, Kevin Allison, Doug Benson, Horatio Sanz, Ron Funches and Jimmy Dore are just a fraction of the talent scheduled.

For four days, April 12-15th, 200+ comedians are scheduled to tickle your funny bone, inject you with a ramped up dose of feel good endorphins and undoubtedly, at some point, make liquid shoot out of your nose!

The festival takes place throughout a handful of theaters, music venues and bars within the Hawthorne District. Tickets allow you to come and go to all the shows and are being sold at a discounted rate through March 19th.

For tickets, history on this event, hilarious videos of past performances, the list of 200+ comedians check out the main webpage for Bridgetown Comedy