Miz Kitty’s Parlour


Miz Kitty’s Parlour is a Vaudville Revusical and Novelty Show and has been a Portland event for the past decade. This January was my very first “parlour act” and I loved it! Lisa Marsicek IS Miss Kitty. Her saucy and sexy charm wins everyone over, wearing a corset, red and black stripped stockings with sequined  boy shorts that peek out from under her feathery clad derriere, she instantly puts a smile on your face.

Every 2nd Saturday of the month the Mission Theater, on NW Glisan, fills up with people of all ages who gladly pay $12 for their ticket to Miz Kitty’s Parlour. A mixed bag of variety acts include juggling, theatrics, comedy that make you literally laugh out loud, belly dancers, puppeteers and muscial acts such as bluegrass from the hills of Kentucky, fiery fiddlin, and saucy jazz all take to the stage. Miz Kitty struts on stage between ever act to draw a raffle ticket or two. She claims she loves to shop and she knows exactly what you need once she lays eyes on the lucky ticket holder. Her prizes come from estate sales, garage sales and goodwill – each one or outfit ( which she does make the winner dress up while on stage) elicits a laugh and a round of appaulse from both the winner and the audience. 

After seeking out seating in the balcony, because the main floor was already packed, we waited in line to order drinks. When it hit the 20 minute mark, we firmly decided that it would be wise to order a whole bottle of wine, consider that tip #1. The show lasts approximately 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission. The concessions work the same as any other show at the Mission Theater. You order food and drinks at the counter, you walk away with your drinks and your food will be delivered to your table. Our hummus plate came after the intermission! Tip #2, if you plan on having food get there and order early!

Each month the acts on stage change but the gist of the show doesn’t – and why should it – it’s a winner. Funny, entertaining and it flowed at the perfect pace to keep it fresh. The show is nearly a sell out every month and it’s not hard to find people in the audience who have been attending Miz Kitty’s shows since they first took to the stage a decade ago.

February 11, 2011 is the next show. Mission Theater 1624 NW Glisan 





2 responses to “Miz Kitty’s Parlour

  1. Yay! I adore the Miz Kitty Show. Every time I go I’m introduced to new things that I never would have seen anywhere else. Casey McGill’s Blue 4 Trio was the prize for me this time.

  2. Shannon, Blue 4 was great and I really enjoyed the energy the Water Tower Bucket Boys had; I saw them again on Sat night at LaurelThirst Thanks for the post!

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