BBQ At It’s Best


Smokehouse 21

If you’re not headed to Smokehouse 21 already – you will be once you catch a whiff of the savory smells that begin to permeate the air as you walk down 21st right around Flanders and well past Glisan. The restaurant takes over the small space that was once Tanuki on 21st. The intimate space seats 22 and is painted a mossy green. The decor can be classified as: tasteful BBQ. A mounted Boar’s head adds character to the walls, an ironing board serves as a wait station, the warm wood tables and chairs make the dining room feel comfortable and exactly the type of space where you can get your fingers sticky with sweet tasty BBQ sauce.The voices of Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and the likes, add to the authentic vibe you feel when you take two steps down into this new cozy and comforting dining destination. 

The food not only has the most amazing smell it delivers the most amazing taste! The meat is smoked daily on the premise. As a matter of fact, just outside the front door the smoker is dutifully working on the yums placed inside. The ribs were tender, tasty and falling off the bone. Even with no sauce, the meat was so full of flavor. The pulled pork plate was moist and equally finger licking good. Mac-n-cheese with bacon and bread crumbs, do I even need to describe the way my lips pressed together and the hmmmmm sound my mouth made as it rejoiced in this scrumptious classic. Hmmmmmmmm, I’m doing it again just recalling this “me-so- happy” memory. Fingerling potato salad, braised greens, BBQ beans and coleslaw round out the side dish choices. Four choices of sauces; classic, hot, mustard and vinegar are offered to add even more flavor to your meat and a little more stickiness to your fingers. 12 craft beers, all served in cans with customized Smokehouse 21 coozies – nice touch! Wine, iced tea, lemonade and soda are also available to quench your thirst. The waitstaff was friendly and helpful and the kitchen was prompt.

I don’t think I ever recall thinking, hmmm BBQ sounds good tonight – until now!







413 NW 21st Avenue

Food pictures courtesy Erin Berzel photography






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