Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Woodsman Tavern


The Woodsman Tavern has a warm and comfortable feeling with sumptuous smells that entice the nose and tempt the tummy. Upon walking in the front door your first sight is a U shaped beautifully crafted dark wood bar. Fresh flowers, candles and a raw bar station dress the space. To your left their is a wall decorated with landscape paintings framed in mismatched but complimentary frames; traditional 2 and 4 top tables with antique desk chairs that swivel make up this more traditional side of the dining space. To your right the space is anchored by a cozy looking brick wall with an elongated wall mirror with a mantle is the perfect for adding seasonal touches, a mixture of high tops and traditional tables fill this space. Large windows at the front of the restaurant allow in plenty of light so the space doesn’t feel closed.  Continue reading


It’s The Little Things


It’s the little things that mean the most-

Laughing with friends,

A compliment from a complete stranger,

The excited faces of kids mixing cookie dough,

A movie quote that warms the heart.

It’s the little things that turn out to be some of the biggest motivating factors in our lives and can also be our most memorable accessories! What? Yes, I did just take a very profound sentiment and give it a fashion spin! This is a blog about the The New Spaces, Places and Faces of Portland ,after all, and not words of wisdom from The Happy Buddah. Continue reading



Wine carries the same emotions I have towards shoes. Less is never more. Each one distinctive to your mood at the moment and each one evokes fond memories of monumental or playfully petty snapshots from your past.

So when I see a wine shop, just as a new shoe display, I am drawn in to take a peek. That’s exactly what happened the other evening as I was walking with a friend down 23rd.  We both had commented about the opening of the new wine shop and decided to seize the moment, put our other plans aside, and relax with a glass of vino. Continue reading