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Education On The Run


While jogging up Morrison St. yesterday I read this statement on the window of a vacant business building “Portlandia is the second largest hammered copper statue in the world (the Statue of Liberty is the largest.)”

Interesting, I thought. My next thought was who is *Portlandia? Isn’t that a show? As I ran past the next window it said “Portland has more movie theaters and restaurants per capita than any other city in the United States.” 

I looked and sure enough, more windows, more interesting facts about Portland. This is the point when I stopped jogging ( thank goodness- any excuse is welcome.)

The vacant business building on the corner of SW Morrison and Park just up from Brasserie Montmartre, has 11 windows embossed with interesting, well known & not so well known, tidbits about our fare city – Portland. Continue reading


A Little Night Magic. A Lot of Spectacular Lights!


Maybe I was due for a little magic, maybe it was the unforgetable delight that reflected off my 2 year olds face, maybe it was the perfect mild weather we had that night – whatever it was – I LOVED the ZooLights this year!

From the moment you pull into the parking lot you are greeted with bright, turn your frown upside down, lights!  As you enter the zoo you walk under an illuminated canopy of white lights and the word ZOO spelled with animal like letters. Reindeer leap over head, walk under massive archways of evergreens adorned with red bows. Pathways meander through lighted forests inhabited by crocodiles, hippos, giraffe’s and a parade of elephants complete with trunks that spout out an aqua blue shower that bestows a smile on all who watch.  Carousels of animals move and mesmerise the youngest of eyes. Monkeys swing  vine to vine, lions roar and an inchworm follows your lead. Birds and butterflies. Sea Lions and penguins who dive and glide through a LED crafted sea.

Don’t forget you can also enjoy a ride along a bedazzeled steamer train and see light displays that can only be viewed gazing out its windows. I could go on and on but it wouldn’t do this holiday spectacular justice. No matter what holiday you celebrate, spend an evening gazing at the zoo lights and let the joy of this holiday season radiate all around you and warm your heart.

Disclaimer: no matter how warm your heart gets there is no guarantee your toes will stay warm, so don’t forget those wool socks and $2.25 for a cup of cocoa. Continue reading

Hello, Mellow!


Mellow Mushroom, primarily an east coast franchise, has recently planted roots on the west coast in The Pearl – 1411 NW Flanders St.  

Mellow Mushroom proclaims they are more than a pizza place. Their goal is “to provide an experience that is filled with colorful art, eclectic music and food that comforts your soul.” Continue reading

Inspirational, Colorful, Reclaimed and Never Regifted – Vanillawood


This is one of my new very favorite retail spaces to share with friends (you all), to browse for myself and to buy those “wow” gifts that your friends will always remember and never regift!

Vanillawood is a full service Design/Build and Interiors Business. The husband and wife team of James and Kricken Yaker’s have been designing and remodeling in Portland since 2006. Their design style emphasizes blending an open plan urban living space with functionality, comfort and luxury. Organic and green materials are fused together and finished off with a touch of contemporary flare to create spaces that are warm, relaxing and perfect for lounging or entertaining. Continue reading

McRib, McFuquin Lovin it ????


Last night my friend, lets call her YLLOM – I promised to change her name, didn’t promise to change it to a different name – invited me over to unwind with a glass of wine and catch up. Before we headed over I texted to see if they had finished with dinner so we wouldn’t be intruding.

Her reply was “The kids have had their yearly McRib this evening so we are good to go.”

I, of course, replied – LOL

After we arrived, and my very generous glass of wine was poured, she began to enlighten me with this phenomenon known as the McRib Sandwich! Continue reading

A Selfless Offering and a Divine Meal – Prasad




A simple definition of Prasad would be “an offering from the individual self to God” 


It is said that by offering Prasad selflessly to God (or a saint or teacher who has brought you closer to God) our individual self expands and grows when the blessing is returned.  


For those of you who find yourself hungry, while in close proximity of The Pearl, can enjoy a peaceful and gratifying breakfast, lunch or dinner at Prasad.    Continue reading

Holiday Pop Ups!


46 days till Christmas!

You know what they say, it’s never to early to start procrastinating about your holiday shopping!

This year six Pop-Up shops from local designers have popped up throughout downtown Portland. These shops may have just what it takes to entice you away from procrastinating and persuade you into purchasing!

Today I walked past the, once vacant, corner of 10th and Alder and was surprised and was curious who had filled this space with colorful glass work, canvas and photographic art, whimsical metal sculptures, unique and warm looking clothing pieces – so I ventured in to explore. Continue reading