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Bourbon, Barstools and Bumping Elbows



Two of the many reasons I love Portland; your taste buds are elevated by the exquisite cocktails that are churned out by some of the best bartenders one will encounter and your circle of friends becomes elevated by the amazingly interesting people who sit next to you at the bar.

The setting was Clyde Common, a European styled tavern that is adjoining the retro cool, in a laid back betnik sort of way, ACE Hotel on SW Stark. I was enjoying my melody of olives, a ramekin of salted almonds and a delightful cocktail made by the always capable and always cordial bartenders. Continue reading


Freaky But True


The Peculiarium



The name gives you an idea of what to expect, but really – a visit is a must- to fully comprehend the strangely peculiar wares that are housed in this museum.


 It is said the famed, yet unknown Portland adventurer, Conrad Talmadge spent a life time traveling the globe in search of the inexplicable and the freaky. The peculiarium is the product of his strange obsession.   


As you enter the pepto bismol pink building on NW Thurman St, all your senses are instantly stimulated. A streaming loop begins to play through the hollows of your head, my voice takes on the persona of Mel Brooks and says: What in the Wide World of Sports is a-going on here? 



 Of course!  Continue reading


George of the Jungle Meets Fear Factor


Do you recall watching George of the Jungle and thinking; Wow, how cool would that be?

I’m here to tell you – it’s waaaayyy coooool!

Tree to Tree Adventure Park in Gaston, about 40 minutes from Portland, is like George of the Jungle meets Fear Factor.

It’s an obstacle course skillfully crafted amongst and between the towering trees at dare-devil heights.

When you arrive at the camp you are outfitted with a harness, helmet, utility gloves, carabiners and a guide.  Your guide goes over the rules and an instructional demonstration of your safety gear. Stop humming the theme song to George of the Jungle – consider this equipment your new appendages.  This will be the one thing that will save you from pulling a real George of the jungle move and splatting into a tree or worse yet, the hard forest floor. A practice obstacle is set up for you to walk through the protocol and receive a thumbs up to head out onto the course. Your adventure awaits you.

Helmet – Check

Harness on low and tight – Check

Gloves – Check

carabiners all in working order – Check

Bladder emptied – Check
Now the fun begins.  It’s like you’ve morphed into a flying squirrel. Leaping from wobbly platforms nestled on branches, grasping onto the trunk upon contact. Aerial bridges with missing and unstable planks – OH MY!  Fast fun ziplines that propel you into the center of a web of rope – Look Out!  A vertical climb up a ladder of tires, planks and rope – Challenging. Tightrope walking 50 feet above the ground – HEY Look at me!  Monkeybars that have you dangling midair by the sheer strength of your fingertips – Don’t look down!

The adventure park has 4 courses, each different and each challenging you to a higher level. Not only is this an adrenaline rush its a gratifying experience to know you have faced some terrifying obstacles and conquered them despite your fear.  Joe Rogan would be proud. George would be envious and possible even intimidated but your skill.

Adventure seekers must be capable of reaching 5’11” with their arms stretched overhead. Your admission price allows you 4 hours on the course so you may continue to dominate  any or all of the courses at your will.   There is a kid friendly version of the obstacles for those mini but mighty thrill seekers.